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Italian Lovers

Perfect light, models and landscape in Scanzorosciate (Italy). I simply adore to catch these moments of pure love and sensations :) I need to share with you these shots waiting to know what do you think about it.

I can still feel the love when I see these pictures.

"The Municipality of Scanzorosciate is the only place where the Moscato di Scanzo is produced, a Muscat wine made using dark-skinned grape variety. Its taste is inebriating, soft, smooth and full-bodied. You can immediately spot it by its warm ruby red colour with purple shades". I would suggest you to check the website to know something more about this wine

"Moscato di Scanzo DOCG is the smallest Italian appellation and is produced exclusively in the town of Scanzorosciate, a union of some small fractions (including, indeed, Scanzo and Rosciate) east of Bergamo, on an area of about 31 hectares. It is made from black grapes that have the same name and it is the only black-berry Moscato in Italy. The produced wine is a sweet passito with two years of aging before being put on the market."

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