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Hi, my name is Gloria, I am an Italian wedding and lifestyle passionate photographer living in Paris.

I love to capture the romantic moments of life, more than this I love to create a bond with the people I meet for the photos. Often it starts with the wedding and continues in the years that follow as I see the couple growing and then the baby arriving, this is fantastic. 


I love to meet  people and It is such an honor to be asked to capture important moments in people’s lives. I love hearing stories, watching kids grow up, discover your life.

I do not like "standard" posed pictures, I like a natural photoshoot of your moments creating images of genuine ease that will make you smile again every time you look at the photos. 

I like to take the time to take the pictures without any time pressure as the photo-shooting is not an object that you can buy, it is time, feeling, relax and emotions and it needs to be a great moment for you.

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