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your little creature


"Professionalità, disponibilità e soprattutto dolcezza... ha conquistato la mia piccola di sei mesi, rendendo indelebili degli attimi magici!"

- Daniela- 16/09/20 Italy

Ohhhhh!!! 😍
Je suis tellement émue!!
Elles sont magnifiques !!!!
Tu as un superbe regard de photographe 
1000 mercis!!!! 
Je suis d’avance ravie d’avoir fait ce shooting avec toi!!!

- Amelie- 01/21 Paris 18



  1. What to wear for this photoshoot? I always suggest you white/cream, neutral or pastel dresses for your family and for the baby.

  1. What’s the best age to photograph your baby? Basically every stage of a baby’s life is perfect for a photoshoot, here some suggestion.

​     Week 1 – Week 2 why? 

  • Newborns are less apt to have baby acne, which tends to arrive after the 3-week mark.

  • They are more flexible, tend to enjoy tighter swaddling and have more predictable sleeping schedules.